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"Inspired by light, proven by science"


Using NASA technology and boasting more medical certifications than anything else on the market. 

Celluma uses blue, red and near infrared light, for optimal penetration and absorption by skin cells, thus giving a more glowing plumped effect to the skin.


Main Benefits

  • treating hyper pigmentation, acne & rosacea

  • reducing appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

  • improving skin tone

  • reducing pores

  • brightening & tightening the skin




No chemicals, non invasive so no down time!


Celluma Signature LED Facial

Includes cleanse, 30 min Celluma, touch therapy hand massage, finishing serum and moisturiser and heliocare protection........£45

Celluma Mini Course

An intense treatment of 3 Celluma facials to be taken within a week to treat certain skin conditions...........£120

Celluma Full Course

Buy 6 get 1 free for a more constructive treatment suitable for Acne, Rosecea, Excema, Dermatitis ........£240

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